The true genesis of the relationship between America and Israel began when America opened its doors to the mass exodus of Jews from Russia after the Russian pogroms began in 1881. The population of Jews in America rose from 250 000 in 1877, to 2 000 000 by the end of World War I in 1918. America became a haven for the Jews; a place where they could prosper and thrive, free from persecution and anti-Semitism, and considered equal citizens with the same rights as other Americans.

In 1800 and again in 1820, spiritual revivals took place in America, each termed the “Great Awakening,” which resulted in large portions of the American population becoming evangelical Christians. By 1881 the evangelical Church was well established in America and the plight of the Russian Jew did not go unnoticed. The pogroms in Russia occurred at a time when there was an increase in eschatological discussion among American evangelicals. The return of Jesus was naturally associated with the restoration of the nation of Israel and the Jews’ return to their homeland. This inspired William E. Blackstone to write the paper titled What shall be done for the Russian Jews? This document was extremely instrumental in motivating the desire for a Jewish homeland. Only six years after this document was published the first Zionist Congress met and launched the modern Zionist movement of which Blackstone was the leader. Millions of American evangelicals became inspired to pray for a Jewish homeland. By 1922 the American congress came out in support of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and passed a joint resolution supporting the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel.

When the British mandate over Palestine formally expired at midnight on 13 May 1948, David Ben-Gurion, who was to become the first Prime Minister of Israel, immediately proclaimed the new State of Israel. A mere 11 minutes after that, President Truman of the United States recognised the new State of Israel and extended full diplomatic privileges. The acceptance by Truman of the new state of Israel was to have a tremendous influence in the war that Israel would have to fight against the Arab armies marshalled against her. Money from the many wealthy Jews living in America that would help fund the war effort was essential to the success of Israel’s fledgling military. Equipment and machinery which would aid the Israeli military was shipped from America to the shores of Israel.

David Ben-Gurion knew that the Israeli army lacked experienced military leaders and it was in America that he found the solution. Colonel David “Micky” Marcus was a graduate of West Point military academy in 1924. During World War II he had gained extensive combat experience having been a part of the 101 Airborne Division during the invasion of Europe. In January 1948 Marcus flew from America to Eretz Israel to help train and organise the army of Israel. He used his experience from his years in the American military, to develop the Jewish army by emulating the United States Army Rangers. The new Israeli army learnt to fight using American Army tactics and military doctrine.

From 1950 to 1967 America supported both the Arab states and Israel, believing that the best policy in the Middle East was a balance of military power. It was only after the 1967 War that America considered Israel as an ally in the Middle East. The amazing victory of Israel over her Soviet-backed Arab enemies convinced America that Israel played an important role in containing Russian expansionism in the Middle East. Where previously France and Germany had been her main weapons suppliers, Israel was then receiving military equipment and weapons, including Phantom jets, from the US military. In 1969 Israeli paratroopers raided Egypt, capturing the latest Russian radar equipment and passed on the technology to America. The United States also sought the help of Israel in 1970, when Syrian tanks invaded Jordan. The Israeli Air Force (without firing a shot) flew low over the Syrian tanks so the Syrian officers could see the blue Star of David on their wings. The Syrian tanks wisely withdrew to the Syrian border.

By the Yom Kippur War of 1973 the Arab nations had allied themselves with the Soviet Union. Once again, America noted Israel’s ability to fight against an enemy that used Russian military equipment and technology, and also that Israel was the only militarily strong, democratic nation in the Middle East that it could ally itself with. US President Carter defined it well when he said, “A strong, secure Israel is not just in Israel’s interest, it’s in the interest of the US and…of the entire free world.” America made a commitment to Israel based on a number of important reasons: Israel was the only stable democratic nation in the Middle East, the two nations were both formed through hardship and a pioneer spirit and had similar ideologies, and Israel was a strong military presence in the Middle East for America to partner with. Israel was also becoming a world leader in a number of fields and shared co-operation with Israel would be beneficial to the US, and trade with the young nation would be economically advantageous.

By 1981 Israel was seen as a vital partner in the Middle East for America to ensure that the Soviets did not completely dominate the area. Because of this, military and strategic co-operation was strengthened between the two countries. A strong symbiotic relationship developed between America and Israel. They were both able to benefit from shared technological, scientific, agricultural and medical developments, and as military partners they were able to have joint training exercises which kept both countries at the forefront of modern warfare techniques.

In 1991 Israel agreed with America’s request not to attack Iraq despite having 39 Scud missiles fired at her by Saddam Hussein’s forces, which caused extensive damage in Tel Aviv. In 1996 America and Israel became joint partners in the fight against terrorism, with Israel informing the United States on the developments of terrorist groups in the Middle East and sharing technology and expertise on counter-terrorism.

Up until 1991 America’s relationship had followed the Biblical requirements in its support of Israel. America had blessed the young nation by allying itself with Israel and in turn God had blessed America. The situation changed on 30 October 1991 when President George H. Bush, while in Madrid, announced a comprehensive peace plan for the Middle East. America put pressure on Israel to commence peace talks with Syria, Egypt and the Palestinians. Ultimately, the peace talks would centre on Israel – one of the smallest nations in the world – surrendering land to the Arabs who, since the end of World War I, had come to control 99% of the Middle East. That which was started by George H. Bush was picked up by Bill Clinton and carried on by George W. Bush. The first time a ‘Palestinian State’ was ever mentioned was when George W. Bush introduced the idea of a two-state solution to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. 

Through a process of wonderful miracles God had restored the nation of Israel and brought Jews from all four corners of the earth back to their promised land. The Arab world, based on its Islamic belief, is in opposition to God’s plan and finds the presence of Israel a canker in the midst of a Muslim Middle East; it will not tolerate her presence there. Muslims have tried – and will continue to try – every means at their disposal to remove each Jew from the Middle East. America, in its attempts to bring peace to the Middle East, is gift-wrapping a way for the Arabs to eradicate the Jews. The aim of the Arabs is to continue to make demands on Israel which include the forsaking of God-given land for a peace they have no intention of keeping. Using America’s desire to bring peace to the Middle East, the Palestinians will eventually pressurise Israel into handing over enough land, to reduce the size of Israel to a point where she is so small that she is indefensible, thereby allowing the Arab world to crush her. In the time between ‘peace’ talks, the Palestinians and Arab nations cause Israel as much strife as possible through protesting, rioting, terror attacks, and firing rockets into civilian settlements, with the aim of forcing the IDF to retaliate, which could result in the world media being able to portray Israel as the bully in the conflict. The instability in the region will bring about more ‘peace’ talks in future where new demands will be made by the Palestinians on ever-shrinking Israel. Since the 1991 Madrid peace process, America has unwittingly been the dominant force in aiding the Palestinian and Arabs’ plan to pressurise Israel into giving up land for peace. The historical evidence of America’s involvement in this tactic is recorded below.

1991 – On 30 October, George H. Bush convened the Madrid peace process. The focus of his speech was that territory must be relinquished by Israel for peace to be achieved with the Palestinians, Syria and Egypt. The Arab representatives, Jordanians and Palestinians all required that Israel must surrender land before peace could be achieved with them. On 31 October, John P. McTernan pointed out in his book As America has done to Israel that a powerful storm that started off the coast of Nova Scotia on the day of the Madrid peace conference hit the coast of Maine the next day and heavily damaged President Bush’s home. Waves thirty feet high were reported breaking along the coast where Bush had his residence. This storm that ‘broke all the rules’ and confounded meteorologists is not given an official name, but was to become known as “The Perfect Storm.” McTernan pointed out that the message from this would seem to be that if you lay hands on God’s covenant land, God will lay hands on your land.

1993 – President Bill Clinton brokered a ‘peace’ agreement between Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and PLO Chairman Arafat. Israel relinquished land in the hope of peace. The Oslo Accords led to the creation of the Palestinian Authority, an interim organisation that would administer Palestinian self-governance. The agreement resulted in Israel withdrawing from most of the territories and the PLO governing 98% of the Palestinian people by 1997. For this the PLO was to stop inciting hatred towards Jews, expected to renounce terrorism, and keep Hamas and other radical groups in check. Although Israel met every single part of her agreement, Arafat made no attempt to fulfil his part of the agreement. Attacks on Israel continued.

1994 – In April, in obedience to the Oslo Accords, Israel withdrew her troops from the West Bank and Gaza strip. Israel had fulfilled her commitment to peace but Arafat did not keep his side of the agreement; promises to an infidel or a Jew it seems meant nothing to him. On 4 May, Israel and the PLO signed an agreement giving autonomy to Jericho and the Gaza Strip. Arafat set about building a gambling casino in Jericho called ‘The Oasis’ – despite the fact Muslims are forbidden to gamble.

2002 – On 24 June, President George W. Bush – in a major policy speech – called for a two-state solution, committing the United States to the creation of a Palestinian state. Despite being a Christian, Bush was clearly unaware of the scripture in Joel that warns of a judgement against nations that attempt to divide Israel: “I will gather all nations, and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land” (Joel 3:2, emphasis added).

2003 – From 1983 to 1993, the ten years prior to the Oslo Accord, 211 Israelis were killed by Palestinian terrorists. In the ten years since the Accord the number of deaths by terror rose to 1 110, an increase of 425%.  These statistics clearly show that Palestinians have no intention of living in peace with Israel. Peace-for-land deals brokered by Israeli politicians in the desperate hope for peace with their neighbours only result in a smaller Israel and the Arabs moving yet another step closer to their ultimate goal of eradicating Israel.

2005 – Despite the fact that the Palestinians have not lived up to previous commitments, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon agreed to the closing of twenty-five Jewish settlements, after a meeting with President George W. Bush on 11 and 12 April. Twenty-one settlements are in Gaza and four are located in Samaria. This required the relocation of 8 500 Jewish citizens. This action was supported by the Israeli government in the hope of finding a two-state solution, defining borders, and making peace with the Palestinians. Once again, the Palestinians reneged on their side of the agreement when Hamas broke the truce with Israel on 23 September by attacking Israeli settlements.

2006 – On 25 January, Hamas (the terrorist group) was elected to head the government in Gaza. Hamas does not recognise the right of Israel to exist as a nation, so the first action the new government of Palestine did was remove the clause that was written into the Palestinian Charter that identifies Israel as a nation. For them there is no solution for the Palestinian problem but through jihad. Despite all the concessions Israel had made for peace, she now had to contend with a neighbour that has a terrorist government with the main agenda of its rule being the eradication of the state of Israel.

The lessons learned from the above record of the peace agreements between the Palestinians and Israel, is that the Palestinians will continue to pressurise Israel to concede land for a peace that they have no intention of keeping. Simply put, the results of all the American-brokered peace deals have resulted in a smaller Israel and a more aggressive and determined Palestine.

2012 – American President Barak Obama, who has had frosty relations with Israel, was re-elected for a second term. This was bad news for Israel; Obama is not in favour of Israel going to war against Iran and so Israel cannot be sure of the support she will receive from America, should she be forced into military conflict with Iran. Obama believes that the problems in the Middle East cannot be resolved without a peace settlement between Israel and Palestine. One of Obama’s objectives was to establish a Palestinian state, which shows that he did not understand that a “two-state” proposal will never succeed, because the Palestinians do not want a state alongside Israel, but rather a state that replaces Israel. The ultimate goal of the xenophobic Palestinians has always been the removal of the State of Israel, based on an ideology that will not tolerate coexistence.

Obama’s antagonism towards Israel and his support of Arab states was bad news for America because God holds those that are responsible for the loss of Israel’s territory to the Palestinians accountable. God has restored the land of Israel to the Jew. No man has the authority to change that which He has ordained, not even an American president.

2015 – Of major concern for Israel is Iran attaining nuclear weapons. 2015 saw the Iran nuclear deal, brokered by several world powers, including the United States. This nuclear deal is part of Iran’s tactic of blackmailing the United States, all Iran has to do is threaten to withdraw from the nuclear agreement and the United States rush to provide incentives to Iran to keep the deal.

2017 – after a long list of United States Presidents promising to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, President Trump had the intestinal fortitude to do so. The US Embassy was opened in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018, the 70th anniversary of the Independence of Israel.

2018 – In May President Trump, agreeing with Israel and Arab states, withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal, calling it “the worst accord ever.” Trump then re-imposed harsh sanctions on Iran, and promoted a coalition between Sunni pro-American Arab states and Israel against Iran. The Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, was able to confirm the wisdom of Trumps decision by revealing documents that Mossad smuggled out of Tehran, which revealed that Iran had lied about its nuclear program.

Also, in 2018 The U.S. Congress ceased giving American economic aid to the Palestinian Authority until they stop rewarding terrorists in prison and the families of deceased terrorist with monthly stipends. The act is named after Taylor Force who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist while on holiday in Tel Aviv in 2016.

2019 – After eight years of the Obama administration limiting settlements in “occupied area,” President Trump was a breath of fresh air for Israel – Trump’s government officially recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel. This made the United States the first country other than Israel to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

2020 – In a move that should have earned Trump the Nobel peace prize he along with, Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced the establishment of formal Israel–United Arab Emirates relations. Soon after this announcement Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco establishing relations with Israel through US mediation. In January 2020, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Trump as “the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House.”

2021 – In a blow for the nation of Israel, Joe Biden defeats Trump to become the 46th president of the United States. Fortunately for Israel the Biden administration confirmed that the U.S. Embassy would remain in Jerusalem, and would continue to be recognised as the Capital of Israel. Unfortunately, the nations of the world recognise Biden as a weak president, including Iran. Biden sought to re-establish the Iran Nuclear Deal, but Iran refused to meet directly with American negotiators, so a go-between was needed. The Iranians then duped Biden into agreeing to let Russia direct the nuclear talks. So, Israel has to now sit on the side-lines and watch the insanity of Biden who wants to isolate Putin for his war crimes in Ukraine, yet still trusts him to ensure Russia’s ally, Iran, does not get nuclear weapons!

2022 – in December the Israel’s Knesset vote to ratify a new Israeli government under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Over the last 74 years, Israel has had 37 governments, with terms in Israel lasting four years which means that governments in Israel, on average, only serve half their terms. The election of a strong conservative leader is good for Israel, however Netanyahu and Biden are not on friendly terms, having very different perspectives on world events, which does not bode well for future relations between the two nations.

Americans must be aware that what happened with the British Empire when it reneged on its commitment to Israel, will be repeated with America if they side with Israel’s enemies. God used a powerful British Empire to bring about the circumstances for the Balfour Declaration. He has also used a powerful America to sustain Israel in a conflict-riddled Middle East. With the Biden administration in the White House, we could well be witnessing the start of America’s decline as a superpower. This would fit in with End Times prophecy which points to a European confederation of nations as being the dominant world power.


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