THE TAPESTRY OF ISRAEL (“Thread” 15 & 16)

The catch-22: A cartoon in one of the Israeli newspapers depicted the reality that Israel can never win when it comes to their Middle East neighbours; she always seems to be in a catch-22, lose-lose situation. The cartoon depicts Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, declaring that he wants to blow Israel off the faceContinue reading “THE TAPESTRY OF ISRAEL (“Thread” 15 & 16)”


ISRAEL’S RELATIONSHIP WITH THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The true genesis of the relationship between America and Israel began when America opened its doors to the mass exodus of Jews from Russia after the Russian pogroms began in 1881. The population of Jews in America rose from 250 000 in 1877, to 2 000 000Continue reading “THE TAPESTRY OF ISRAEL (“Thread” 14)”

THE TAPESTRY OF ISRAEL (“Thread” 12 & 13)

ISRAEL’S PURSUIT FOR PEACE When analysing the history of the conflict between Israel and the Arab nations, the question of why this conflict arises must be asked. What attempts have been made to bring about peace to the region and why have they not been successful? Israel as a nation has continually sought to liveContinue reading “THE TAPESTRY OF ISRAEL (“Thread” 12 & 13)”


ARAB CLAIMS TO THE LAND OF ISRAEL ARE FALSE A common misconception is that the Jews were driven out of Israel by the Romans in 70 AD and that there were no Jews living in the Middle East until the mass immigration of Jews to Israel fleeing Nazi persecution in the late 1930s and intoContinue reading “THE TAPESTRY OF ISRAEL (“Thread” 11)”


ISLAM To say that the History of Israel has been influenced by the religion of Islam would be an understatement. The thread that is Islam weaves a very dark pattern through the tapestry of Israel and therefore an understanding of Islam and how it relates to Israel and the Jew is extremely important. The IdeologyContinue reading “THE TAPESTRY OF ISRAEL (“Thread” 10)”